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From the St. Catharines Standard

Print Medium Reports on CRTC Hearings in Niagara Falls-June 6th

L E T T E R S   from Standard June 8th, 2005

Let TV station owners see if their idea will succeed

Niagara needs its own television station and it is about time that the people were able to see all the news in the region, not just the little tidbits that the other channels think we should see.

CH said it was good business to expand its TV coverage in Niagara. If that is so, why did it take so long?

I would like to see more than two or three minutes of news about Niagara because there has to be more than that going on. With our own station, we would get full coverage of all of Niagara.

But the chance of Niagara getting its own channel are slim to none. When you have owners with political clout, as in Toronto and Hamilton, then the chances of Niagara getting a television station pretty much disappear.

If the chances of a Niagara TV station’s survival are so slim, then what is the big fuss? Let it try and then it will die a useful death and everyone will know a TV station was a bad idea.

Large or small, if the Niagara TV station is not allowed to go forward, then we know that unless you are in the right political arena do not try – because you have lost before you even began.

Bruce Henderson, Charleen Circle, St. Catharines

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