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2006 Summer Update

TVN intends to re-file another CRTC application for a license to operate a Niagara all HDTV station later this year. Government representatives have advised that to be the best course of action to fianally get a TV voice for Niagara.

In the 500 channel universe, market #12 deserves its voice in Canada.

TVN will attempt to keep the public generally aware of our plans, yet be discreet enough to prevent those opposed to allowing Niagara its own fulltime professional TV system from once again preventing us from excercising our democratic rights and freedoms.

There will be a time for the public to participate in the CRTC process. Be assured, we will advise Niagarans of what they might do to end isolation of Niagara. It will be essential for our citizens to let the CRTC know if this is important to you.

Stay tuned to this site, as a new plan is unveiled for your service and consideration.

Wendell Wilks
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